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How to make your rental property stand out online.

Marcel Dybner

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Make your property listings stand out online.

According to, Australia’s most popular real estate website, has had over 30 million visits in the last month. A mind boggling stat considering the population of Australia is only 24.1 million.

On average, someone will spend roughly 8 minutes on the site flicking through property listings and swiping through photos – an estimated 12.25 pages per visit.

As an agent, it’s my job to make your property stand out amongst all of the other listings and make the prospective tenant prioritise viewing your property over hundreds of others currently on the market.

Here are our rules for making sure our listings look as appealing as possible.

Professional Photos

These can be taken once and then used over the next few years when the property becomes vacant. Make sure you use a professional photographer who’ll pick the right angles and use professional equipment to make sure the property looks it’s best. Photos are the most important part of the online listing and will get the most engagement from prospective tenants.

You’ll want to have between 5 – 10 photos depending on the property but at a very lease, make sure you have the following:

  • Facade
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Loungeroom
  • Any outdoor space (balcony, backyard etc)
  • Any communal amenities (pool, spa, gym etc)

If you have a floorplan, it’s also great to include that in the online listing.

Feature Packed Heading

Use the heading/title to highlight the best thing about the property. You’ll only have a couple of seconds to keep their attention so using the title – which is bold and in a larger size - can help keep potential tenants attention for longer.


The truth is that most people will only skim through the description of the property – they’re more likely to look for keywords like ‘air conditioning’, ‘heating’ and ‘pool’ than actually read everything you write.

I like to use dot points to clearly show all of the property features. This makes it easier for them to read and find any specific features they’re looking for.

Specs and Amenities

There are a lot of apartment buildings in our area and I’m surprised to see other agents forgetting to add photos or any mention of any amenities in their listings. Pools, gyms and communal rooftops are some of the key reasons people want to live in an apartment building yet some agents completely forget about them.

The building amenities are just as important in your online listing as the internal features of the apartment.


If you’re using or then they’ll help by showing a map of the local area. Highlighting some key locations will help describe the area better. Make a list of good café’s, trendy restaurants, shopping centres, public transport options, parks and schools in the area. As good as the property is, it’s often the location of the property that will make someone want to live there.

Pet Policy

Finding pet friendly accommodation is HARD. So if you have a pet friendly property on the market, this should be in big bold letters throughout your title and description.


In some buildings, some of the utilities may be paid by the owner. If you have a property like this, you should also include this in the title and within the description. It’s a great selling point – much like being pet friendly.

Call to Action

Make sure there’s a way for prospective tenants to contact you or have advertised inspections times available for them to book in for an inspection. Make it easy for them to take that next step to either book in online, call or email you. The harder it is for them to take the next step, the less chance they’ll take it.

These are just some of the steps we take to minimise any vacancies for our clients.

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