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Will professional photos lease your property quicker?

Marcel Dybner

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Professional photos can be the difference between your property being inspected by potential tenants or not.

The Rental game is changing and as some Property Management departments drag their feet when it comes to the marketing of their rental stock, one of the ways we’ve been able to stand out from the crowd is by making sure we make our properties look as good as possible online - this includes having our properties professionally photographed before being displayed online.

With many people now looking to rent instead of buy, the market is getting very competitive – so it’s more important than ever to grab potential tenants attention as they scroll through dozens of rental listings. If we don't get their attention online, we have no chance of getting them to inspect or lease the property.

To give you an example, we recently took over the management of an apartment in Prahran (Melbourne) that was on the market for over a month with one of the local agents in the area - who's name I won't mention.

Here are the photos used by the previous agents:

The first thing we did once we collected the keys, was to organise our photographer to take brand new professional photos.

Here’s what the listing looks like now:

As you can see, the difference is huge and although the property isn’t leased yet (it’s only been 2 days since we listed it), we have had enquiries and expecting a good turn out to the first inspection.

Professional photos are key to getting our properties leased quicker.

The strategy for us is simple. Get as many people to view the online listing as possible. The more people who see the property online, the more people that will come to an inspection. The more people who come to an inspection, the more chance we have leasing the property quickly.

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