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10 tips to help you get the Rental Property you want.

By Marcel Dybner

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Don't miss out on the rental property you want with these 10 simple tips.

Getting approved for the rental property you want can be tough, especially in such a competitive rental market. I’m often asked for tips to help tenants increase their chances of getting the properties they want. So if you’re struggling to secure a lease for a property, here are ten tips that are sure to maximise the chances of you being approved for the next property you apply for.


1. Timeliness is a big benefit. Show the agent you’re keen and serious by being on time to the inspections. This also gives you every opportunity to inspect the property thoroughly within the allocated inspection time.


2. Instead of viewing the property over a weekend along with all the other potential tenants and potentially falling into the melee of applicants, try to view the property during the week, one-on-one with the rental agent.


3. Before you head off to inspect a property, get hold of the application form from the agent and fill it out (Or already have your online form completed). That way you’ll have it ready to hand over immediately if you decide to apply.


4. Take your application to the next level - include some written references. Good people to ask for references are your employer, lecturer and current landlord or property manager. If you’re putting them down as references on your application form, make sure they’re aware someone will be calling them.


5. If you haven’t filled in an application form prior to inspecting the property, be prepared to send one off soon after. Agents won’t wait for all of the applications to come in, if they get a good one, they’ll approve it.


6. Look the part. Essentially you’re going for an interview as a potential tenant. You don’t need to wear a suit but make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Also pay attention to your personal hygiene – all of these things will be taken into consideration.


7. Be straightforward and ask the agent what will help you secure the lease. Ask for the agents assistance – if you’re a serious tenant, they’ll be only too happy to help.


8. Make sure you’re able to pay the bond and rent within a day or two of seeing the property. If you’re able to, consider offering to pay a couple of months rent in advance to show that you’re keen.


9. If you’re currently renting a property, you may have to be flexible about your lease start date. Although it would be ideal to try match up the end of your current lease with the beginning of the new lease so you don’t have to pay two rents, this may not always be possible. The more flexible you are with your start date, the more chance you’ll have of being approved.


10. If you see a lot of interest in the property, look at increasing the amount of rent you’re prepared to pay. This won’t guarantee you the property but should at least help you get the owners attention.

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