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Hacking AREC - Get the most out of AREC without attending.

Marcel Dybner

How to get the most out of AREC without attending.

For those of you who can’t make it to AREC this year, don’t despair – there’s still a way for you to get all the great information without having to be there.

With everyone so excited to share what they’re doing online these days, imagine what happens when thousands of real estate agents from across the country are packed in a 2 day conference with 32 amazing speakers discussing Real Estate and personal growth? Social Media explodes!

Here are some simple hacks to help you find some of the best ideas from #AREC16 online.

1. Follow the Hashtag

Based on a quick social media search of previous events (#AREC13, #AREC14, #AREC15) it’s safe to say that this year’s AREC event will continue with past traditions and use #AREC16 as the hashtag. Typing the hashtag into your Facebook or Twitter search box will show you all the posts that have been made during the event. Scan through all the posts from attendee’s and see what topics are being discussed. This is a great way to find links to blogs, find bloggers and speakers social media pages who are at the event. Add the bloggers and speakers to your social media feeds to stay up to date with the information they’re sharing.  

2. Google the speakers

In this day and age, especially in Real Estate, the importance of an online presence is essential. Look up the speakers and see what they’re all about. If you find any that seem particularly interesting or covering a topic that you are interested in, they may have their own training guides or books that you might find useful.

3. Youtube

This won’t substitute being at the event but Youtube is the best Real Estate training resource in the world. Look up your speakers to find other talks, interviews and content they’ve put out. You should be able to find some really good information and with Youtube’s handy search algorithm, they’ll also recommend other great videos you might like. You never know what other great information you’ll find.  

4. Find the Bloggers

This is one of my favourite hack because it’s basically the cheat sheet for AREC. This is getting the smart kids notes in school and photocopying them before the exam. There are some great bloggers out there and they’ll help with getting all the relevant information in the one place for you. Keep an eye out for headings like “Top 10 best idea’s from AREC” and “Key learnings from AREC”.

So here’s a guide to the amazing speaker line up for #AREC16

  • Robin Banks – Success is a choice
  • Fredrik Eklund – Life as Number One
  • Michael Clarke – Making winning decisions in a high pressure environment
  • Daniel Petre – Digital Disruption
  • Nigel Marsh – Pretence, Purpose and Nudity
  • Ivan Bresic – Getting to $1M GCI is more challenging than $2M GCI
  • Kate Strickland – Mindfulness of an agent
  • Mat Steinwede – It’s all about the lemon
  • Vivien Yap – Persistence, Determination, Action
  • Alexander Phillips – Creating Raving Fans begins with 6 star service
  • Sam Guo & Julia Kuo – Authenticity
  • Jared Cooksley – How millenials make millions
  • D’Leanne Lewis – Be your best (and worst) competitor
  • Lynette Malcolm, Michelle Winckle, Stefanie Dobro – Power of the female
  • Susanne King – You
  • Phil Harris – The Elite Performers Blueprint
  • Zali Reynolds – Sow the seeds to reap the rewards
  • Tom Hector – 0 – 130 transactions in 3 years
  • Sherrie Storor – Creating a social empire
  • Gavin Rubenstein – From zero to hero
  • Monika Tu – Concierge: Going above and beyond the market price
  • Ricky Cave – The journey to a competitive edge
  • Brian Whiteman – Seven Figure Secrets
  • Alex Ouwens & Nathan Casserly – Agent 2020
  • William Manning & William Phillips – Two strong Wills
  • Josh Phegan – Become a great Re-Order business

There’s no substitute for being at the event and hearing these speakers live but if you can’t make it to AREC this year, make sure you stick to social media and get all the great information being shared.

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