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"Rent Fair" Victorian Rental Law Reforms - Technical Amendments (Part 15)

Marcel Dybner

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Technical amendments

The Bill also includes a number of minor or technical amendments:

Reform 135. 

Amendments to the provisions dealing with liability for utility usage charges for non-compliant replacement appliances, to make them more adaptable to any future introduction of energy efficiency standards.

Reform 136. 

Amendments providing for the suppression of certain crisis accommodation from the public Rooming House Register, particularly where there is a threat of interpersonal or family violence.

Reform 137. 

Amendments clarifying the definition of ‘temporary crisis accommodation’, to accommodate fluctuations in the average time clients remain in such accommodation.

Reform 138. 

Amendments clarifying the definitions of ‘health or residential service’ and ‘service agency’, to reflect contemporary settings for service delivery.

Reform 139. 

VCAT will be able to postpone the issue of a warrant of possession in relation to residency in a rooming house or a caravan park in certain cases, based on relative hardship grounds and provided there is no unpaid rent or other breach.

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