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Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home

Marcel Dybner

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Sometimes our home just needs a makeover. There are super easy ways you can completely change your home’s interior by only changing one thing. You may roll your eyes at the sound of that, but sometimes it’s just one thing that can completely change your home. We’ve gathered some experts to show you how one small change can completely recreate your home.

It’s All In The Walls
Experienced real estate agent, Marcel Dybner from Ask Marcel, says that a change in colour is all you need. “Painting/Wallpaper always makes a big difference and can freshen up a place for a relatively inexpensive price.” You can find out more amazing real estate tips by following Marcel on Facebook and Instagram.

More Is More
If your home is pretty clean and minimal, sometimes you can the add latest trends to amp your interior. Sophie Kost from My Beautiful Abode says this classic feature can recreate your home. “indoor plants are back in a big way. Think big glossy leaves on plants that stand tall on the floor, small trailing plants as part of your shelf or terrariums on your coffee table. The variety of plants stands and decorative pots is large, from ceramic pots with geometric prints to seagrass baskets for a textured finish.” You can find out more about Sophie by following her Instagram and Facebook.

Tidy Up
If you look at your house and see dirt, grime and mess, it may be an indication to give your home a good scrub. Your front yard and backyard are just as important as your interior, so make sure you keep them looking presentable. If you have bricks that are looking a bit tattered, grab a pressure washer and watch the magic happen. Your bricks will look brand new, and you barely did anything! The same goes for your garden. If you have a hedge or some trees that are looking a bit mangy, get out your hedge trimmer and clean up the area. It will make a world of difference.

If It’s Broke, Fix It
If your home is falling apart a little, you can make a huge change in your home by fixing or replacing the faulty fixings. Debra Higgson from Fantastic Handyman says that replacing what you’ve already got can make a huge change in your home.”Replace or repaint the cabinet and drawer doors - you may not believe it but a new colour can make miracles. Be bold and make a drastic change - from white to black, from monochromatic to colourful, or just choose a different shade and add some accents in bright, vivid colours on 1-2 of the doors.” You can find out more about The Fantastic Handyman on their website.

Give A Little, Earn A Lot
Always remember that you don’t need to go crazy when renovating your home. Tracy Leske from My Property Scout offers some helpful advice. “[The] rule of thumb is not to exceed 10% of the property’s valuation in costs and concentrate on items that give you bang for buck like the kitchen, bathrooms, carpets, paint and factors that improve the curbside appearance.” You can find out more about My Property Scout by following them on Facebook.

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make a difference. Take a look at what you’d like to change in your home and make it happen. It may be just one thing that makes your home look like new.

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