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Things To Consider When Moving Into A New Home

Marcel Dybner

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There’s something positively nerve-wracking about moving into a new home. You have to remember a whole lot, and it’s easy to leave things behind and have to go back for them after you’ve moved. Luckily, there are some foolproof ways you can move houses effortlessly, without forgetting anything!

The Early Bird Gets Out Of The House Faster
Start packing six to eight weeks before you move. This way you can declutter and take out anything you don’t plan on taking with you once you’re in your new place. Alison Oldfield, from The Finishing Touch, offers some worthwhile advice. ”Packing a house takes a long time. Given that an average three bedroom house has around 80 boxes of belongings, it will take quite a while to get these packed ready to move. Professional packers can pack around 4.5 boxes per hour, but if you are inexperienced, it will take longer. Ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to get packed up before your removalist arrives so that they aren’t standing around waiting for everything to be packed.” You can find out more tips from Alison on Facebook. Take those things you don’t need and sell them; maybe someone else can find some use with it. Plus, selling those things you no longer need will help you get some more money to buy things you do need! With that being said, if you have anything that doesn’t belong to you in your home (such as a borrowed DVD from your neighbour), make sure you give it back to them. This way you don’t forget about it later on and throw it away.

Put It On The List
Make a list of things you’ll put in boxes and start packing daily. Starting off with the things you use the least, such as gardening tools etc, pack them away in boxes. Every time you pack something away, write down what you’ve packed and attach it to the side of the box. Honestly, it makes things so much easier once you’ve moved, as you won’t freak out over anything you may have left behind or forgotten. This is also a great time to get in touch with your bank, internet and energy provider, or any other place where you need to advise that you’re moving address and make any necessary changes.

Final Run Through
Before you give back your keys, do a final check of everything you have packed away. Walk through your home once or twice, and make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Double check that you’ve turned off the hot water, all of the power outlets and that everything has been switched off. Ilan Rimer, from Property Trail, offers his advice. “ If you're moving to a property you've bought, a pre-settlement inspection is absolutely critical. It's such an easy thing to do and can help you avoid thousands of dollars of unexpected costs.” You can find out more great tips from Ilan by following him on Facebook.

Prepare For Your First Night
So, you’ve officially moved in, congratulations! When you spend your first night at your new home, you must pack things that you can’t spend one day without. Grab a box or two, and label them as “first night box”, and fill them with things you know you’ll need later on. This may include toilet paper, pet supplies, a blow-up mattress, toiletries in general, crockery and utensils (which can be plastic) and bedding. You can also bring things such as a first aid kit, just in case. You never know what you might need on your first night in your new home.

Change The Locks
When you first arrive at your new place, you should arrange to get the locks changed. Not only do you want to make sure your home is safe and sound, but you don’t want to risk having the old proprietors making an unexpected visit when you’re at your new place. It sounds a bit scary if you think about it like that, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Marcel Dybner, from Ask Marcel, recommends changing the locks at your new place. ‘Change the locks and security codes on the new property to ensure that keys haven't fallen into the wrong hands somewhere along the lines.” You can find out more amazing tips from Marcel by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

A Few Days After You’ve Moved
So you’re starting to settle in, it’s time to go back to your old place and double check your old mailbox. This way, if you find any letters that are labelled at your old address, you can easily go through and change or cancel that mail for the future. Kylie Bevan, from Health & Wellness Revolution, has some priceless advice for those who are moving home, “Moving tends to be a time of heightened stress, so schedule in activities that nurture your mind and body while it works overtime. This includes all the things your mama told you long ago - get enough sleep, eat well, stay hydrated, move your body in ways other than packing and unpacking boxes, be social, find pockets of quiet. And most of all, be kind to yourself if your emotions are on a rollercoaster during this move, this is natural and understandable.” You can follow Kylie and her helpful tips on her Facebook.

Moving house is a stressful venture. You have to be smart about it, and never leave things to the last minute. If you organise yourself and plan in advance, you’ll avoid a stress-fest and get yourself to your new home in no time, and in one piece!

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